Thinker Academy: Helping Teens Succeed

Ever feel like high school was a waste?

Worried that your teens will say the same when they look back?

The high school years are the perfect time for teens to build vital skills. To become savvy learners and thinkers who are ready to succeed in college, career, and life.

But it’s not automatic. Blindly following the educational production line doesn’t cut it.

At Thinker Academy, we help teens build learning and thinking skills to:

  • Get good grades (and show they can learn well)
  • Be ready to thrive in college (when the spoon feeding fades)
  • Excel in the 21st century economy (where accelerated learning is basic survival)

How do we do it?

By building interactive, online training, we give teens a way to develop essential learning and thinking skills that strengthen minds. Our study skills program offers practical learning strategies that are still rarely taught in schools.

We offer a free 12-part Learning Coach course for busy parents. Dr. Winston Sieck, creator of Thinker Academy, will show you how to guide your teens to become independent learners.

Our Learning Skills blog at Global Cognition provides original, relevant content with more tips and advice to help you help your teens to boost their grades and prepare for college. We advance the science of learning and thinking for education. We don’t talk as much about the gory details here, though the science of cognition grounds all we do.

Want to learn more?

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