Study Skills Curriculum

Do your students too often seem confused or disengaged?

Do you wish they’d take your class more seriously? To show genuine curiosity and initiative?

You can provide your students with lesson after lesson, and it won’t sink in unless they know how to study.

Too often, students aren’t given explicit instruction in study skills, which leads to confusion and disempowerment.

When students don’t have a range of tools in their academic toolbox, they become frustrated more easily – with both specific course content and the process of learning itself.

Frustrated, disengaged students tend to identify their difficulties with a perceived lack of talent.

Study skills instruction makes clear that learning is a skill like any other. One that can be mastered with dedication, practice, and a willingness to self-reflect on individual challenges, as well as strengths.

With a study skills curriculum, you can help your students break down the concept of studying into actionable steps that are easy to understand and implement.
So, they can shake off the frustrations and discover that learning can be fun.

Study Skills Curriculum

With Thinker Academy’s Study Skills Curriculum, your students will engage with lessons that offer deep, yet accessible insight into the foundations of learning. And they’ll have the opportunity to apply their new learning strategies directly to their current coursework. Your students will learn to:

  • Adopt a growth mindset to build confidence and persistence
  • Appreciate how memory works and what it takes to understand and remember well
  • Set learning goals and identifying actionable steps to achieve those goals
  • Prepare ahead to avoid feeling lost in class
  • Engage in the classroom by asking thoughtful questions
  • Use strategies to increase reading comprehension and improve analytical skills
  • Manage their time and overcome procrastination
  • Prepare for tests (without cramming the night before!)
  • See through tricky test questions and approach assessments with greater confidence
  • Apply their new study skills directly to your course material

In other words, it’s a program that invites students to embrace their own process and get an edge on their learning.

How it works for you

We’ve made our curriculum as teacher-friendly as possible, which means every license includes:

  • Ready-to-go, interactive lessons that students can do at their own pace
  • Convenient, built in assessments to check student progress
  • Light-hearted tone to relax the stress and unease of students
  • Silly rewards that make it fun to move forward in the course
  • Practical exercises easily used with your core subject material
  • Flexibility to use in class or assign to work on at home

Teaching study skills is a way to give students more power in their own education. When students are prompted to think critically about their own learning process, they become more active players in their education.

Learning how the brain creates and stores information improves metacognition, which means that students will have greater insight when they sit down to do independent study.

Who is it for?

This online study skills curriculum is for middle and high school teachers of any subject. You can integrate the curriculum with your primary course, or use it as a stand-alone activity.

Whether you are a science teacher or a language arts teacher, you will find that helping your students hone their study skills is the best way to help them perform better.

Beyond that, you know that you are giving them a gift that they will continue to use throughout the rest of their educational careers and professional lives.

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